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Our outstanding quality scale models of the DKM Bismarck Battleship are true Masterpieces. The mightiest of all German Battleships built during WWII.

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Otto von Bismarck

Named after the first chancellor of the German Empire, Count Otto von Bismark was also known as the "Iron Chancellor".

Born 1815 in Prussia Bismarck ruled Germany for 30 years, longer than anyone else. He managed to unify the country while maintaining the peace in Europe for a generation. In 1898 he died at age 83.

Built by Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, DKM Bismarck was launched in February of 1939. Her final length of 792' and in particular her beam of 118' gave her a high degree of stability at sea with a superb capability to absorb damage.

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Bismark's hull was uniquely subdivided into 22 watertight compartments, 17 of which were within the citadel. This meant that 70% of the waterline was protected by heavy armour. More than 90% of her hull was electrically welded and she was comprised of 17 decks. Carrying a crew of 2,065 and 4 Arado Ar 196 aircraft.

Less than one year after her official commissioning in August of 1940, at the height of the World War Two European theater, Bismarck entered the war firing and disabling the HMS Norfolk on the 23rd of May.

The following day HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales opened fire on Bismarck who takes three direct hits. Bismarck returns fire, blowing up and sinking the Hood in less than five minutes. The Prince of Wales takes four hits, begins to lose oil and slowly retreats.

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Later that day, Bismarck was attacked by 8 Swordfish aircraft and hit by one 18" torpedo but the damage was insignificant.

On the 26th Bismarck takes 2 or 3 torpedo hits from an attack of 15 Swordfish from the carrier HMS Ark Royal. The result was that both rudders were jammed.

The Polish destroyer ORP Piorun opens fire as Admiral Lutjens reports to command that the ship is weaponry-wise and mechanically fully intact but cannot be steered.

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The British Battleships HMS King George V and HMS Rodney as well as the cruisers HMS Norfolk and HMS Dorsetshire all headed at top speed for Bismarck on the morning of May 27, 1941.

Bismarck fired many shots but wasn't connecting. Rodney and King George V penetrated with four salvo hits resulting in erratic firing back from the Bismarck. In less than one hour Bismarck's guns were silenced.

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 All ships kept firing as she showed no signs of sinking. Less than one half hour later, Bismarck detonated the explosive demolition charges and opened all the water ventils.

The mighty ship capsized and sank with her colors still flying.

British ships fired over 2,800 shells and Bismarck received at least 400 of them. They fired over 77 torpedoes and 12 or more connected. More than 2,000 brave sailors including Admiral Lutjens died aboard.

Only 115 were rescued and survived, the remainder left to the mercy of the sea.

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The experience and artistic expertise shown on Raven Models give a depth of realism that is unparalleled. Many adjustments are made to capture a more realistic model by interpreting light and shadow with paint. The result is a much more interesting model to view from both a distance and up close under magnification.

We build each model by hand in the USA using only professional grade materials, we ship worldwide.

Each model is enhanced with many embellishments including airbrushing, fine detail painting and intricate etched brass work

We offer lots of larger images of our models as there's a tremendous amount of fine detail work we want you to see up close.

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The airbrushed camouflage paint on this hull is an accurate representation of the original. She was painted this way to make her more difficult to be seen by both enemy ships and aircraft. Notice all the intricate detail painting work on the deck, machinery and hardware.

Our decks are painted to look like teak with numerous colors to represent shadows and the natural tonal differences in wood.

Our micro soldering work is exceptional as shown on the rigging detail.

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Loaded with brass enhancements to create that incredible look and depth of realism. Ladders, railings, rigging lines, windows, doors, stairs, radar dishes, stern crane and much more have all been enhanced with greatly detailed brass work. The intricacy involved in this type of detail work is immense.

Mounted on a custom base, this particular one is made of Walnut. We use a variety of different woods for our bases which are sealed and finished in numerous coats of natural hand rubbed fine oils. Includes engraved brass nameplate and clear acrylic dust cover.

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We specialize in custom building to suit your budget and detail requests.

We allow you to commission exactly the model you desire. A unique one-of-a-kind work of art made to your specifications by professional artists.

Perfectly suited for home or office placement. An ideal purchase for any WWII or maritime model enthusiast.
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1/350th scale:

32" long x 8" deep x 11" tall

1/200th scale:

54" long x 11" deep x 16" tall

All sizes are approximate encased size.

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DKM Bismarck Battleship models are built by professional Model Master Builders with more than 35 years experience. Available in 1/350th scale and 1/200th scale versions with a variety of upgrade options and detail enhancement levels to suit budget. Model Ships are custom built, repaired and restored in the USA then shipped out worldwide.


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