Yet another example of an antique ship model brought back to life in the hands of Raven.

This is a large scale antique decorator model of a Spanish Galleon originally built circa 1950, now belonging to the Geraldi Family.

She was very dirty and had suffered damage to her rigging and sails. Her masts and some yard arms were broken, a few parts were missing. The remaining rigging lines were deteriorating and had become quite brittle with age.

The bowsprit detail was missing as was an anchor. We carved new ones, painted and attached them to the model.

Once she was thoroughly cleaned we began restoration. The paint on her shields was freshened up to stand out from the hull.

Her varnished flags and sails were mangled and badly faded, all designs virtually invisible.

We refreshed all the sail colors bringing back the dramatic colors of the flags and Spanish Cross that adorn her cloth.

Deadeyes were cleaned and reattached. New shrouds and ratlines were laced and tied into place with waxed lines.

Cannon and broken parts were glued and pinned back into place.

The ornate Madonna and Child stern ornamentation was refreshed with the entire hull's painting.

The key is to maintain the antique appearance of the model while still bringing all the original color tones back up to a fine luster.

It took years for us to master these techniques alone. To make her look as though she had always been this beautiful, never before harmed nor even allowed to get dusty.

She is mounted on a custom natural wood base made of Fiddleback Maple. This is an ornate cradle specially designed to accommodate the custom engraved brass nameplate. Finished in numerous coats of natural sealers and oils and hand rubbed to a fine luster.

Her Spanish Cross is highlighted on both sides of the sail. The bowsprit and spritsail were repaired and reinstalled.

Now an impressive display model suitable for any location. A wonderful piece of history that, once encased, will certainly endure the true test of time.

A Geraldi family heirloom, an investment in their future.

27" long x 6" deep x 36" tall

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