HMS Duchess

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This is a glorious, large scale Man-o-War ship model currently available. A true one-of-a-kind Dutch wonder!

The "Duchess" was also named the "Wappen von Hamburg" I. She was built in Hamburg by Dutch shipbuilders in 1667, taking service in 1669.

Originally she was an escort vessel on voyages to Spitzbergen and the west. Ensuring safe passage of goods at sea.

In October of 1683 while in route to Cadiz, a fire broke out in the bows. It spread quickly throughout the entire ship. In spite of valiant efforts to extinguish the flames, the fire eventually reached the arsenal and the ship exploded. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

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This model represents the last work of a fine model builder, Ron Myking, who recently passed away before he was able to complete this beauty.

Ron's family commissioned us to finish this maritime model in a fashion fitting his memory.

She arrived with all her hull work complete. We cleaned her up and oiled all the wood. Then we began our work creating and installing all the masts, yard arms, bowsprit, block and tackle, associated hardware, all rigging, sails and more.
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The wooden plank on frame construction is performed just as the original ship would have been executed. One board custom fit into place at a time.

The deck is planked in walnut and loaded with lots of fine detail work.

Intricate carvings of wood adorn the stern of this lovely model. The painting detail work is something to behold with a very intricate theme to explore.

Notice how the stern planking is placed at an angle in striking contrast to the sides.

A British flag flies high above the stern. Amber toned brass lanterns seem to be illuminating from below.

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The sails are made of 100% natural cotton which is hand stitched using two different colors of thread. This accents the decorative lines of what would have been separate panels of fabric on the actual vessel.

There are two sails on the main mast, one on the front mast, one on the bowsprit and another rolled onto the yard arm of the back mast.

The crow's nests are made of walnut and sealed in natural oils. All deadeyes and blocks are solid wood. All hardware used is either wood or brass to ensure the longevity of the model.

The rigging lines are natural cotton which is waxed, tied and glued into place. All the rat lines are knotted all the way across, not just glued. She has all her rigging in place including the flying rigging.

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This lovely work of art is available for sale from Mrs. Myking. Please contact us for further information. 

43" long x 18" deep x 39" tall

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