Lighted Table Top Water Fountains

A diminutive table top fountain custom designed as small as possible to showcase a very special work of crystal art not available for web display. Not quite big enough to be a full emerald island, more an Emerald Isle-ette.

This entire copper fountain is enclosed in a solid Walnut, mitered base accented with inset copper on the bottom. The wood has been finished in a satin Polycrylic finish for maximum water resilience.

The emerald stairs are made of acrylic as is the iced platform which will hold the final featured work of art.

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The water flows up from within the enclosed copper housing behind the stairs. It falls out from between the two layered frosted platform edged in copper.

This allows the art to stay dry as it is separated from the water flow. The water then appears to be falling from underneath the art even though it never touches it directly.

Gently flowing down the luminescent emerald staircase, the water fills the copper reservoir below. A low voltage bulb radiates starlight from behind the stairs creating the perfect balance of light in the front to showcase the water flow down the stairs.

The entire frosted ice platform is softly flooded with light to illuminate the featured crystal art to be held above.

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One simple 110 volt cord operates both light and pump. The entire sculpture is easily removed from fittings with two screws for easy cleaning. Pump flow is adjustable but preset for optimum acoustic and visual balance.

Copper fountains will not grow algae so no special cleaning is required.

All copper in this fountain has been polished to a high shine. The colors will continue to evolve and change over time as with all copper.

This image shows a sample of how the platform illuminates from within the transparent piece it holds, in this case a glass candle holder.


4" tall x 8" wide x 8½" deep

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Interior and exterior illuminated copper water fountains custom created to suit most any need; hanging on a wall, setting on a table top, floor or deck, to add a little light and sound to a dark area or any combination of these. Utilizing copper, exotic woods from around the world, glass, acrylics, low voltage lighting and more. Our copper techniques were learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration with all the great technologies of our modern era incorporated.

Each one is custom built by hand, made in the USA.

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