Antique Fire Wagon 


You can almost hear the fire bell ring as you gaze back in time to see fire fighting heroes at work.

This is a one-of-a-kind model which is currently available, it is a one time creation.

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"Heroes of Yesteryear" is a true work of art with magnificent detailing!

Our replica of this circa 1900 horse drawn fire wagon is an authentic, one-of-a-kind, rare beauty.

This museum quality fire wagon predated the fire truck and is painted in a bright candy apple red with gold and brass accents, lighting and hardware.

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Natural real teak wood floorboards on the driver's floor and back riding deck add to the realism. A red fire hose with nozzle is wound onto an ornate wheel and secured behind a natural wood water barrel with copper banding and solid brass hardware.

The detail of the firemen is complete with gold helmet accents, full facial expressions and even mustaches. Fire fighters hard at work speeding off to the rescue.

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The horses are painted with great lifelike embellishments including gold chains securing them to the wagon and natural brown reigns.

There's even a fire house Dalmatian dog running along side to complete the scene!

Each component is glued and pinned in place onto the custom base.

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The base is made of solid Padouk, a fine quality exotic wood, with a lovely edge treatment. The top is a three dimensional cobblestone road with grooves and multi-colored bricks for maximum detail and authenticity.

Included is a custom fit clear acrylic dust cover to ensure this captivating work of art maintains its beauty throughout the years.

Perfectly suited for home or office placement. An ideal one-of-a-kind purchase for any fire fighting enthusiast.

Approximate Size:

8½" long x 5" deep x 5" tall

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