This outstanding investment quality scale model of the USS Fletcher, a Fletcher Class Destroyer DD445. A true beauty, she took First Place at the Northwest Regional Model Expo.

The Fletcher was one of the most successful U.S. Navy destroyers ever built during World War Two.

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She is but one example of the 175 ships built to be the largest number of destroyers in the US Navy inventory during that incredible era.

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Commissioned in 1939, Fletcher was completed and ready for battle in 1942. Weighing in at 2,050 ton and extending 376.5 feet long, she was the leading ship in her class.

This class of larger, more versatile, multipurpose destroyers was replacing the Benson/Livermore type ships.

She traveled for combat carrying 5 5" mounts for anti-aircraft defense and small targets, one double 40mm Bofor Anti-Aircraft gun and 6 single 20mm Anti-Aircraft guns.

On deck she carried 10 loaded torpedo tubes, 6 double K guns, 2 depth charge roller racks and full ECM complement.

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The Fletcher Class Destroyers used twin turbines to cut through the water with ease. Yielding 30,000hp, which propelled her up to 35 knots of maximum speed.

Fletcher survived the war and was kept in reserve as part of a mobilization force. She was converted into a destroyer escort in 1948 and served proudly until she retired in 1969.

A long life was fitting of such a momentous vessel.

As is suiting of a ship with such national historical significance, our realistic Fletcher ship models are not to be compared with the machine made import versions.

We build each one by hand in the USA using only professional grade materials.

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She is enhanced with many embellishments including airbrushing, intricate painted etched brass parts and the hull is reinforced with wood. We offer lots of larger images of our models as there's a tremendous amount of fine detail work we want you to see up close.

The airbrushed camouflage paint on this hull is for accurate representation of the original.

She was painted this way to make her more difficult to be seen by both enemy submarines and aircraft.

Notice all the intricate detail painting work on the deck, machinery and hardware.

The brass work is incredible, check out all those railings, ladders and radar.

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Mounted on a custom base, standard is Red Oak this particular one is made of a beautiful solid exotic wood called Bubinga. We use a variety of different woods for our bases which are sealed and finished in numerous coats of natural hand rubbed fine oils. This creates a radiant luster in the wood which better highlights the model.

Loaded with brass enhancements to create that incredible look and depth of realism. Ladders, railings, windows, doors, stairs, radar dishes and much more have all been enhanced with greatly detailed brass work. The intricacy involved in this type of detail work is immense.

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Includes a brass name plate and clear acrylic dust cover to ensure the long term integrity of this beautiful work of art.

Perfectly suited for home or office placement.

An ideal purchase for any WWII or maritime model enthusiast.

Custom built Fletcher Class Destroyer models from the USS Fletcher DD 445 to the USS Rooks DD 804 or any other of the 175 Fletcher Class Destroyers in between.
1/350 scale:

15" long x 3.5" deep x 7" tall

1/200 scale:

24" long x 5" deep x 9" tall

1/96 scale:

47" long x 6.5" deep x 11" tall


Sizes are approximate.

We custom build to suit your size and special requests.

Our maximum enhanced models include very elaborate brass and paint detailing. No corners are cut and no detail is left out on this meticulous creation.

A phenomenal work of art you can literally spend hours looking at all the intricate details!

Case Wooden Base Options standard oak or cherry veneer base may be upgraded with an exotic wood edge treatment or a solid exotic wood base.

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For Exotic Wood Choices

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Available in the following 175 Fletcher Class configurations

USS Fletcher DD 445, USS Radford DD 446, USS Jenkins DD 447, USS La Vallette DD 448, USS Nicholas DD 449, USS O'Bannon DD 450, USS Chevalier DD 451, USS Saufley DD 465, USS Waller DD 466, USS Strong DD 467, USS Taylor DD 468, USS De Haven DD 469, USS Bache DD 470, USS Beale DD 471, USS Guest DD 472, USS Bennett DD 473, USS Fullam DD 474, UFF Hudson DD 475, USS Hutchins DD 476, USS Pringle DD 477, USS Stanly DD 478, USS Stevens DD 479, USS Halford DD 480, US Leutze DD 481, USS Philip DD 498, USS Renshaw DD 499, USS Ringgold DD 500, USS Schroeder DD 501, USS Sigsbee DD 502, USS Conway DD 507, USS Cony DD 508, USS Converse DD 509, USS Eaton DD 510, USS Foote DD 511, USS Spence DD 512, USS Terry DD 513, USS Thatcher DD 514, USS Anthony DD 515, USS Wadworth DD 516, USS WAlker DD 517, USS Brownson DD 518, USS Daly DD 519, USS Isherwood DD 520, USS Kimberly DD 521,USS Luce DD 522, USS Abner Read DD 526, USS Ammen DD 527, USS Mullany DD 528, USS Bush DD 529, USS Trathen DD 530, USS Hazelwood DD 531, USS Heermann DD 532, USS Hoel DD 533, USS McCord DD 534, USS Miller DD 535, USS Owen DD 536, USS The Sullivans DD 537, USS Stephen Potter DD 538, USS Tingey DD 539, USS Twining DD 540, USS Yarnall DD 541, USS Boyd DD 544, USS Bradford DD 545, USS Brown DD 546, Cowell DD 547, USS Capps DD 550, USS DAVID W. TAYLOR DD 551, USS EVAN DD 552, USS JOHN D. HENLEY DD 553, USS FRANKS DD 554, USS HAGGARD DD 555, USS HAILEY DD 553, USS JOHNSTON DD 557, USS LAWS DD 558, USS LONGSHAW DD 559, USS MORRISON DD 560, USS PRICHETT DD 561, USS ROBINSON DD 562, USS ROSS DD 563, USS ROWE DD 564, USS SMALLEY DD 565, STODDARD DD 566, USS WATTS DD 567, USS WREN DD 568, USS AULICK DD 569, USS CHARLES AUSBURNE DD 570, USS CLAXTON DD 571, USS DYSON DD 572, USS HARRISON DD 573, USS JOHN RODGERS DD 574, USS MCKEE DD 575, USS MURRAY DD 576, USS SPROSTON DD 577, USS WICKES DD 578, USS WILLIAM D. PORTER DD 579, USS YOUND DD 580, USS CHARRETTE DD 581, USS CONNER DD 582, USS HALL DD 583, USS HALLIGAN DD 584, USS HARADEN DD 585, USS NEWCOMB DD 586, USS BELL DD 587, USS BURNS DD 588, USS IZARD DD 589, USS PAUL HAMILTON DD 590, USS TWIGGS DD 591, USS HOWORTH DD 592, USS KILLEN DD 593, USS HART DD 594, USS METCALFE DD 595, USS SHIELDS DD 596, USS WILEY DD 597, USS ABBOT DD 629, USS BRAINE DD 630, USS ERBEN DD 631, USS HALE DD 642, USS SIGOURNEY DD 643, USS STEMBEL DD 644, USS ALBERT W. GRANT DD 649, USS CAPERTON DD 650, USS COGSWELL DD 651, USS INGERSOLL DD 652, USS KNAPP DD 653, USS BEARSS DD 654, USS JOHN HOOD DD 655, USS VAN VALKENBURGH DD 656, USS CHARLES J. BADGER DD 657, USS COLAHAN DD 568, USS DAHIELL DD 659, USS BULLARD DD 660, USS KIDD DD 661, USS BENNION DD 662, USS HEYWOOD L. EDWARDS DD 663, USS RICHARD P. LEARY DD 664, USS BRYANT DD 665, USS BLACK DD 666, USS CHUNCEY DD 667, USS CLARENCE K. BRONSON DD 668, USS COTTEN DD 669, USS DORTCH DD 670, USS GATLING DD 671, USS HEALY DD 672, USS HICKOX DD 673, USS HUNT DD 674, USS LEWIS HANCOCK DD 675, USS MARSHALL DD 676, USS MCDERMUT DD 677, USS MCGOWAN DD 678, USS MCNAIR DD 679, USS MELVIN DD 680, USS HOPEWELL DD 681, USS PORTERFIELD DD 682, USS STOCKHAM DD 683, USS WEDDERBURN DD 684, USS PICKING DD 685, USS HALSEY PWOELL DD 686, USS UHLMANN DD 687, USS REMEY DD 688, USS WADLEIGH DD 689, USS NORMAN SCOTT DD 690, USS MERTZ DD 691, USS CALLAGHAN DD 792, USS CASSIN YOUND DD 793, USS IRWIN DD 794, USS PRESTON DD 795, USS BENHAM DD 796, USS CUSHING DD 797, USS MONSSEN DD 798, USS JARVIS DD 799, USS PORTER DD 800, USS COLHOUN DD 801, USS GREGORY DD 802, USS LITTLE DD 803 and the USS ROOKS DD 804

Custom built ship models such as the USS Fletcher DD 445 Destroyers are available as both investment and museum quality models. US Navy Fletcher Class Destroyer models are built by professional Master Model Builders with more than 35 years experience.

Each one is a custom work of art built by hand in the USA. All 175 Fletcher Class Destroyers from the USS Fletcher DD 445 to the USS Rooks DD 804 are available in a multitude of configurations, sizes and levels of detail.

The Ship Model Masters of Raven Arts in Washington State are the west coast's premier custom modeling service located just west of Seattle, WA