CSS H.L. Hunley Submarine Models

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The CSS H.L. Hunley, the first attack submarine ever built, is available as both 1/72nd and 1/32nd enhanced scale models. 1/24th scale available with interior reveal cut away.

Representing the finest in master craftsmanship. built by Master Model Builders with more than 40 years individual experience.

The most historically accurate and most researched CSS Hunley model available anywhere in the world.

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When work was completed on this little submarine in the Spring of 1863, the 13 Southern states had broken from the Republic of the United States.

Named after her primary benefactor Horace L. Hunley. He lost his life aboard, along with two other crews, who were killed within her walls a few months after her arrival in Charleston.

Unforeseen accidents or inexperience was deemed the cause, no flaw was found in submarine design.

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After having dealt with many initial problems launching her torpedo, the Confederates came up with the design shown in our model here.

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A make shift torpedo was attached to a spar on the bow of the boat and used much like a harpoon.

Hunley would propel herself toward the enemy vessel and ram the spar into her hull leaving the torpedo behind.

A line attached to a trigger would unwind as Hunley backed away from her target about 150' at which point the tension would trip the firing devise and explode the bomb.

The fateful evening of February 17, 1864, Hunley attacked the Sloop of War USS Housatonic. Unable to bring her big guns to bear, they fought back with only small arms from the front deck which bounced harmlessly off the hull of the submarine

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With a roar of thunder from the sea, USS Housatonic sank almost immediately and took 5 men with her. Survivors waited for rescue in the rigging.

A blue signal light was noted by the Confederate Shore Patrols after the attack which signaled Hunley's success but the submarine all the brave men aboard never returned home.

In 1995 a team from NUMA located the wreck of the Hunley. In August of 2000 she was brought back to the surface to at long last begin her voyage home.

With the vessel in a remarkable state of preservation, the secrets of her design have been unveiled.

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She was designed and built from the ground up as an attack submarine out of parts lying around in a scrap pile. A true testimony to Southern ingenuity!

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Enhanced with exterior detailing featuring air brushed highlights including water reflections and weathering. This makes for a much more interesting model to view than just a simple single color.

We use brass propellers, drive shafts, brass or stainless pedestals and more.

As is suiting of a ship with such national historical significance, our realistic submarine models are not to be compared with mass produced import versions. We professionally build each one by hand in the USA using only professional grade materials.

Each model is mounted on a natural wood base. Shown here on our standard Red Oak base finished in numerous coats of hand rubbed fine Danish oils.

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A protective flame polished clear acrylic cover and custom engraved brass nameplate are included for a top quality professional finish.

You can further customize the nameplate by adding your name, rank and service dates.

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1/72nd Scale:

16" long x 5" deep x 6" tall

1/32nd Scale:

25" long x 7" deep x 9" tall

1/24th Scale Cutaway:

33" long x 9" deep x 12" tall


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Missile Launches, Torpedo Firings, Opening Hatches, Support Aircraft, Exotic Case Woods and more

The Ship Model Masters of Raven Arts in Washington State are the nation's premier custom model ship building service located just West of Seattle, WA

Custom built ship models such as this CSS H.L. Hunley Submarine are built by professional Master Model Builders. Each one is a custom work of fine art built by hand in the USA. Built by Master Ship Model Builders with more than 40 years individual experience using only professional grade materials. Raven Fine Art Models, the proof is in the pictures.

Available in a multitude of sizes and configurations.

Raven Arts - Where model building is taken to an unparalleled fine art form since 1989.

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