Chinese Junk Oriental Cargo Boat

This is an example of a ship model restoration on an antique Chinese Junk performed for a New Jersey family.

The model was originally built circa 1930 and had been badly damaged over time.

Her sails were completely deteriorated, masts and yards broken, paint chipping, etc. She had been neglected for some time and was in a state of general disrepair.

Junks were commonly used in the Oriental seas as cargo boats for merchants.

They're basic design has proven to be so effective that it has remained virtually unchanged over the last 300+ years. They are still found today being utilized in the 21st century.

The intricate stern detail painting is a wonderful embellishment on these vessels. The Asian design and color combinations really stand out.

We first stripped this model down to her empty hull and made repairs. She was thoroughly cleaned, her paint was then freshened up and all her woodworking was oiled.

We repaired or replaced all broken masts and yard arms and secured them back into the deck.

We made new sails and stitched them into place. All new rigging lines, block and tackle, ropes, pulleys, flags, etc. were installed. Bringing her back to life once again.

Mounted on a Red Oak base which is sealed with numerous coats of fine quality natural oils and hand rubbed to a beautiful natural luster.

The custom case is completed with a protective flame polished clear acrylic cover.

This will ensure her long lasting beauty and integrity over the years to come. Protecting a family investment for future generations.

A custom engraved brass nameplate is included for that final professional finish.

10" long x 5" deep x 11" tall

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