Long Beach Harbor Tug


This is a highly detailed ship model of a New York harbor tugboat which was designed and built during World War II to tow barges of war materials from the United States to England. She ran through submarine infested waters numerous times, but amazingly was never hit.

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The "Long Beach" was built in 1943 in Decatur, Alabama. She's not your typical harbor tug with a length of 81.1' and a beam of 24'. She has a 700 horsepower Diesel and a cruising range of 3,580 miles. Her fuel bunkers hold 1800 gallons and she carries 355 gallons of oil just to lubricate her engine.

Her basic design is typical of tugboats seen in harbors all over the world. A hard working little boat which is the backbone of harbor activity.

This scale model has precise detail work with exhilarating bright red accents. Notice all of the fire fighting equipment not typical to harbor tug boats.

The painting detail is precise and quite elaborate, even the door hinges are painted.

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We utilize a variety of woods for our bases, this is an example of a stunningly rich solid Rosewood base.

A custom clear acrylic dust cover is available to ensure the long lasting integrity of this harbor tug ship model.

Custom built by a Master Model Builder, this rare beauty posses detail quality of which is rare to find.

An investment quality model certain to endure the true test of time.

 8" long x 4" deep x 8" tall 

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Where museum quality is NOT just a slogan.

Internationally recognized, award winning, professionally certified Master Model Builders offering one-of-a-kind custom built models from kit embellished to full scratch builds. More than 40 years individual experience using only professional grade materials. Raven Arts - the proof is in the pictures.

Model building is taken to an unparalleled fine art form.

That Raven Magic!

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