Attack Transport USS Lowndes 

Named after South Carolina statesman William Lowndes, the USS Lowndes APA-154 was launched from Portland Oregon in July of 1944.

A Haskell Class Attack Transport which was acquired by the US Navy in September of that same year with Commander Charles H. Perdue in command.

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Lowndes received two battle stars for her World War II service carrying troops and equipment.

In January of 1945 the USS Lowndes departed Pearl Harbor for Iwo Jima via Saipan. Arriving in February she began launching a massive amphibious assault.

Eight days she stood by Iwo Jima as her beach party went ashore to attend and evacuate casualties, to salvage boats and to clear the beaches for landing craft.

Some of the landing craft were carried hanging off the side of the vessel.

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Lowndes arrived in Okinawa in the morning hours of D-Day. After 12 days under constant enemy air raids, she began to debark troops and unload cargo for the vigorous campaign ashore.

She made several other voyages before being decommissioned at Norfolk in April of 1946 and returned to WSA for disposal.

Our scratch built models are not like any others you've seen before.

Our experience and artistic expertise give a depth of realism that is unparalleled.

Many adjustments are made to capture a more realistic model by interpreting light and shadow with numerous color tones of paint.

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The result is a much more interesting model to view from both a distance and up close under magnification.

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Each of the 14 Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel or LCVP were painted with 5 different colors. There are numerous LCP and rafts placed throughout the deck.

The Captain's Gig Boat has been modeled from images of the actual vessel. Complete with windows, rafts and trim.

The rigging on this Attack Transport is extensive. Intricate details include standing, running and support rigging. Brass radars and accents abound.

This impressive beauty is adorned with 30 individual rafts. Each raft is wrapped, 22 knots are tied in this process, with waxed line. The depth of realism this type of meticulous workmanship instills is immeasurable. The difference between craft and fine art.

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Her decks are loaded with brass enhancements to create that incredible look and depth of realism.

Ladders, railings, windows, doors, stairs, radar dishes, hose reels, life rings, hooks, gates, hardware and more abound throughout the model.

The intricacy involved in this type of detail work is emmense.

All porthole windows are even drilled through.

Lowndes was heavily armed on this model with one Quad Bofor, 6 Twin Bofors and 8 Oerlikons all made of cast metal and brass.

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USS Lowndes was commissioned by the Brinkman Family and is currently on display at the South Carolina State Museum.

She is mounted on a custom base made of an exotic Bee's Wing Mahogany which is varnished to a high gloss. An engraved brass name plate and flame polished clear acrylic dust cover complete this elegant presentation.

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1/125th scale: 45" long x 10" deep x 18" tall

Here at Raven Arts it's all about choices.

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We specialize in custom building to suit your budget and detail requests.

We allow you to commission exactly the model you desire. A unique one-of-a-kind work of art made to YOUR specifications.


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