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This is a custom entry light design made of polished copper and stained glass. The unique design was created to hide an unsightly electrical conduit line from the previous lighting installation.

The stained glass was chosen to pick up the green patina color tones once they begin to show. The light emitted is a lovely amber with a bit of green, great for discouraging insects from around the front door. Copper metal will evolve and change with time as it begins to patina, ever continuing to paint itself.

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Extensions were created on all four sides for ease and perfection of installation. Each channel is individually adjustable for the variable ceiling height. Held in place with tension rather than invasive hardware.

The back piece slides around the conduit with a matching cover that screws into place.

Inside all the glass is secured with brazed copper tabs. All corners are mitered for a clean appearance. The light is completely sealed for waterproof exterior application. Simple bulb replacement by removal of glass cover.

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Ugly Conduit Showing Before

Perfect Cover for the Conduit After


The before and after pictures say it all. What a difference!

  21" tall x 14" square

Unique custom made outdoor garden lighting such as this entry light made of stained glass and copper. Each one is created by professional Sculptors utilizing copper techniques learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration combined with modern technologies. Custom designed and built by hand, made in the USA by American Artists.

Creating garden art, outdoor lighting and indoor lighting which is taken to a new level of artistry using exotic woods, stained glass, copper and more.
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