Built in Bath, Maine during 1884, the Seguin tugboat was named for an island at the mouth of the Kennebec River.

She was 88 feet long, with a beam of 20 feet and a top speed of 12 knots.

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During her 85 year career she towed sailing vessels and barges laden with coal, lumber and ice along the Atlantic coast from Maine to Virginia.

Seguin retired from the sea in 1967 with her pilothouse still serving today as a concession stand at the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath.

This stunning 1/4 scale model is created by Master Builders right here in the USA. We pay precise attention to detail and quality of workmanship.

Her plank on frame hull is accented with mahogany and birch natural stained woods. Even the ship's boat is planked in mahogany.

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Secured to a beautiful custom base of cherry with oak edging. All wood on the tugboat and her base is sealed and oiled to a fine lustrous finish.

Consider the addition of a custom case with a clear acrylic dust cover and larger base. This will help ensure her protected long lasting beauty.

Another option is custom interior and navigational lighting. Easy turned on and off from a small switch cord in the back.

Lighted Seguin Images

To see more images of Seguin's illuminated version.

An elegant work of art, Seguin is an investment piece certain to endure the test of time. An excellent addition to any collection for home or office placement.

27" long x 7" deep x 18" tall

39" long x 8" deep x 23" tall

Larger version also available for radio control.

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