Sovereign of the Seas Clipper Ship Models

The "Sovereign of the Seas" was built in Boston, MA in 1852. A sleek and fast extreme clipper . She sailed around the world delivering goods on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the USA as well as to such distinguished ports as Sidney, Melbourne, London, Bombay and Shanghai just to name a few.

Her career was cut short when she wrecked in 1859 on the Pyramid Shoal in the Straits of Malacca on a voyage from Hamburg to China. Her cargo and parts of value were salvaged from the wreck.

This scale model was originally built in the 1920's. She had incurred much damage through the years and endured a poor restoration. Among other maladies, her rigging, bowsprit, boom, bumpkins and spanker were all missing and/or broken and damaged.

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The deck housing was missing as was the captain's wheel, ship's bell and more.

Her hull had been painted with numerous coats of black and red lead based paint.

The John Braasch Family commissioned her full repair. We removed all the existing rigging, took off all deck housings, sanded her down and started over. We utilized the existing masts, yards and deck housing by cleaning them thoroughly and repainting. New block and tackle with all new rigging work, hardware and chain work was added.

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Her hull was painted black and then hand sheathed in copper plating, 1/4" x 1/2", with each plate individually placed one at a time.

Deck housing and hardware are painted black, gray and white combined with natural woods to create the beautiful color contrasts.

Executed by a Master Model Builder with more than 35 years experience we pay precise attention to detail and quality control.

This model is dry rigged for maximum detailed view of intricacy and quality of rigging workmanship.

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A custom Cherry wood case was built to prevent harm and ensure lasting beauty. Vertical stiles are made of aluminum and painted copper to match the hull work. Includes an engraved brass nameplate. Ship is mounted on solid brass pedestals and secured to the base.

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Woods are hand rubbed with numerous coats of sealer and fine natural oils for a radiant finish. Enclosure of durable, shatter resistant Optix. Ideal illumination from above utilizing low voltage halogen light with 110 volt on/off switch cord.

Ship: 27" long x 8" deep x 18" tall Case: 30" long x 10" deep x 22" tall

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Here are a few images of a larger four foot long model of the Sovereign of the Seas. We have custom built, repaired, restored and encased many Sovereign models over the years. Each one a little different from the others, individually unique.
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Investment pieces that are certain to endure the true test of time. One-of-a-kind works of fine art that have been well restored to last a lifetime and more as valuable family heirlooms.
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