Spring For Lunch Copper Sculpture

 A playfully unique freestanding, life-size sculpture made entirely of copper and mounted on a solid stone base for maximum stability and ease of movement.

This custom work of art has been specially designed for water feature immersion.

Not only beautiful but quite functional as well. This piece creates a little shelter from the sun for the real Koi swimming by and using its shadow.

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Playing amongst the wild reeds and cattails, this colorful fish springs up out of the reeds for lunch.

Each individual scale is hand cut and separately brazed into place one at a time. This emulates the wonderful diversity found in nature with no two scales being exactly the same.

A large dragonfly hovers above, just out of reach clinging onto a cattail. His big bright eyes shinning in the sunlight attract the eye.

The dragonfly's little legs are all brazed on the bottom so there are no rough edges that can cut tender fingers.

All copper edges are softly rounded or brazed to prevent harm when installing or moving a piece of copper art.

All copper we use is safe for fish and foliage alike.

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The finishing element is a colorful starfish who is climbing onto the rock seeking shelter within the reeds below.

The bright colors of the starfish are clearly visible through the water after the art is submerged. Softly glistening below the surface it draws the eye down into the water to experience the entire piece.

Various combinations of chemicals and heat concentrations are repeatedly applied to the copper, with a hand painted patina process which creates the vast color differences. These colors will continue to evolve and change with time.

Copper is the only medium that continues to paint itself throughout its lifespan.

This entire sculpture is simply removed from the stone base for ease of movement, placement and shipping.

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Ideal for interior or exterior setting. Great for placement with the base underwater within a water feature.

Various sizes and combinations are available.

 31" tall x 16" wide x 16" deep

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Copper Fine Art and Metalsmithing taken to a new level. Life size copper wildlife sculptures are created using copper metalsmith techniques learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration.

Each one is custom created by hand, made in the USA.


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