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 Small Single Lantern

Brighten up your evening with lovely tranquil colors aglow.

This one of a kind hand hammered lantern is made of copper and stained glass. Accented with a distinctive cattail and foliage of multiple colors and designs all made of solid copper.

The heat treatment process and custom patination creates vast color variations which will continue to evolve and change with time. The only medium that continues to paint itself.

All tips are braised for safety and all foliage is easily bent to meet placement size requirements.

Copper Outdoor Lighing
 Copper Accent Lighting

Exterior lantern lifts up on the stem for easy bulb replacement and is low voltage for both safety and optimum energy efficiency. Mortar filled pot will stay upright through strong winds, shaking and bumps.

Many floral, color, container and size options available.

Decorative planter pot for placement inside or outside. Exterior version includes low voltage transformer with programmable timer and photo eye for automatic on/off operation and 12 watt, 12 volt bulb. Interior version includes 110 volt on/off switch cord and 10 watt bulb.

6" potted small single lantern

32" tall x 12" diameter (finished sizes vary)

Unique custom made indoor accent lighting and outdoor garden lighting such as this our smallest Twilight Twinkler with a single lantern. Each one is created by professional Sculptors utilizing copper techniques learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration. Custom designed and built by hand, made in the USA by Americans. Available in a multitude of sizes, colors and configurations.

Creating garden art, outdoor lighting and indoor lighting which is taken to a new level of artistry using exotic woods, unique planters, stained glass, copper and more.
Garden Ligthing

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