West Winds is a brightly colorful antique pond yacht from the 1950's which is perfectly suited for playful sailing around local waters.

She is but one example of the many restorations we've completed on antique pond yachts.

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Kids of all ages really enjoy this type of model. They're great for a leisure Sunday afternoon at the lake.

If you'd rather use her as an art piece, the solid exotic wood Bubinga base makes this a beautiful display piece for any home or office location. A full custom case is also available.

Completely restored from the hull work up with deck housing rebuilds, all new detail and hull paint, new rigging lines and hardware, sails, new base, etc. She's just like new again.

The bright green and beige hull make her easy to see in the water and richly attractive when on display.

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Working sails will catch the wind and send her flying across the waters for hours of enjoyment.

They also create a wonderfully majestic display.

The Bubinga base is hand rubbed with numerous coats of oil for a fine lustrous finish. The hull is painted with primer and seven coats of top quality enamel for a strong, hard, glistening finish that really shines on display.

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A beautiful addition to any collection with the added joy of playful water sailing.

24" long x 9" deep x 23" tall
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