Wind Toy Pricing

All Whirligig styles are made one at a time, we do not mass produce. For this reason each one is individual and will vary slightly. We offer a diversity of color schemes on several items such as hummingbirds and butterflies. If you have a color preference, please just let us know.

If you don't see the type of wildlife you would like, would like a wind toy of your pet or anything else, just let us know. Many of our designs are the result of customer custom requests. Not all designs are shown so if you don't see what you want, feel free to email and see if we've already made one.

All sizes are approximate.

Customize Any Whirligig to Look Like YOUR Person or Pet

Only $50 additional


 See bottom of individual whirligig page for individual pricing.



 Butterfly & Owl Fliers: $195

 All Other Fliers: $150


Baby Bumble Bee Stakes: $50

Hummingbirds: $75

Most Spinners: $95 or $125

Or see bottom of individual whirligig page for pricing


 Copper Mounting Posts

A mounting nail is included with each Whirligig for your own installation. You may choose to add a copper post as it's very slender and doesn't interfere with the movement of the Whirlies. The mounting nail is actually brazed into the copper for life long permanent attachment.

Two sizes of ground posts. A 12" railing mounted post is also available which attaches with two screws to any existing wooden railing.

They look great, are easy to install and extremely durable.

Natural copper will eventually turn a blue green patina after weathering for several years. Our custom patina solutions speed up the process so you can immediately enjoy colorful copper.

 Natural Copper Railing Post



 3' Natural Copper Post



 5' Natural Copper Post



Blue Green Patina Copper Post



Shiny Treated Copper Post



Larger Post Required for Multi-action Propeller Whirlies



Copper Mounting Posts



All amounts are in US dollars. Shipping & Handling Charges Additional.

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Payment Options

  A one half deposit is required to begin work on any custom order with the balance paid prior to shipping. Email images of any new custom design will be furnished prior to shipping.

We accept most forms of payment.

Checks with 10 business day hold

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express by phone or fax

PayPal for on-line payments

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Be sure to include your shipping zip code and let us know if you'd like a copper mounting post included.

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