Whispering Waters Copper Water Foutain

Tranquility from water in motion. This inviting five tier copper fountain will both relax and inspire you.

Designed for a wall mount either indoors or out.

The water flow is perfectly balanced between each of the five pooling leaves and the lovely copper reservoir.

Multicolored leaves grow in and around the natural driftwood which has been brushed and sanded smooth. A small natural accent hole adds to the individual character of this piece.

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The petals and water reservoir are hand hammered with a dramatic three dimensional texture.

All copper is hand cut and hand hammered with each piece separately brazed into place one at a time.

Various heat concentrations, hand painting and patina applications are applied to create the vast color differences which will continue to evolve and change with time.

This dramatic green and gold Vanda Orchid is in its full glory making a stunning accent with three flowers in full blossom and one bud looking as though it will soon follow.


Copper fountains are both beautiful and practical as they will NOT allow algae to grow. This allows for a virtually maintenance free work of water art.

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Soothing, relaxing, blissful sounds of gently flowing waters transcends the room.

Bringing the naturally calming elements of nature into any area of home. This is a one of a kind combination of water, fire, metal and wood all harmonizing perfectly together in one custom work of art.

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42" long x 18" wide x 8" deep

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One-of-a-kind custom copper water fountain creations. Utilizing Pacific Northwest Olympic Mountain Rain Forest driftwood. Our copper techniques were learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration. Each one is custom built by hand, made in the USA.