Wisteria Hospital Ship


Originally named after the great physician-educator William Osler, the USAHS Wisteria was a WWII hospital ship that originally started out as a Liberty ship. The William Osler was converted in a Brooklyn shipyard to a hospital ship in the summer of 1944 along with six other Liberty ships.

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She was given a new superstructure with 23-m masts and a funnel wide enough to display Red Cross symbols more than 3.7 m in width.

Spotlights shown all around on this large cross to light her up like a city block so the German submarines would not torpedo her. The "rules of engagement" were honored as she was never attacked.

Once completed, Wisteria had 44 wards with a total capacity of 595 patients. She had everything needed for emergency medical care of our troops. A laboratory, radiology facilities, autopsy room, a morgue and even an operating room all at sea.

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Armed with only a few photographs, what limited information we could find in military achieves and the memories of serving solders; we began to build.

Our experience and artistic expertise give a depth of realism that is unparalleled.

Many adjustments are made to capture a more realistic model by interpreting light and shadow with numerous color tones of paint.

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Our scratch built models are not like any others you've seen before.

Our attention to detail results in a much more interesting model to view from both a distance and up close under magnification.

Master Modeler built by hand. As with all our models, Wisteria is completely made in America.

Notice all her detailed rigging work and the flags flying the family name of the original commissioning patron.

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Brass, decal and paint embellishments really bring this model to life. So much so that a former soldier began recalling specific events, pointing to where they happened and creating a living history for his family.

Her decks are loaded with brass enhancements to create that incredible look and depth of realism.

Ladders, railings, windows, doors, stairs, radar dishes, hose reels, life rings, hooks, gates, hardware and more abound throughout the model.

The brass accommodation ladder on this side is down while it is placed up against the hull on the other.

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The intricacy involved in this type of detail work is immense.

All porthole windows and doors are even drilled through.

She is mounted on a custom base made of a beautiful Northwest Red Cedar which highlights the red and green of the model. Wood is sealed in a durable satin Polycrylic finish. An engraved brass name plate and flame polished clear acrylic dust cover complete this elegant presentation.

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1/350th scale: 17" long x 8" deep x 5" tall

Here at Raven Arts it's all about choices.

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We specialize in custom building to suit your budget and detail requests.

We allow you to commission exactly the model you desire. A unique one-of-a-kind work of art made to YOUR specifications.


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