USS Alabama SSBN 731 Ohio Class Trident II Submarine Model

Our enhanced 1/350th and 1/200th standard scale models of the USS Alabama SSBN 731 Ohio Class Trident II Ballistic Missile Submarine represents the finest in master craftsmanship.

Built by Master Ship Model Builders with more than 40 years individual experience using only professional grade materials. Raven Fine Art Models, the proof is in the pictures.

Raven Arts - Where model building is taken to an unparalleled fine art form.

That Raven Magic!

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This is an Ohio class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine, the Navy's largest and quietest submarine that can submerge up to nearly 1,000 feet.

It is the most powerful and destructive weapon ever invented by man.

The Ohio is an extremely potent fighting machine. She has 24 vertical launch tubes for ballistic missiles arranged in two rows behind the sail. The USS Alabama has a range of nearly 7,000 miles and can carry up to 14 MIRV warheads.

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As is suiting of a ship with such national historical significance, our realistic Trident Submarine models are not to be compared with the machine made import versions. We build each one by hand in the USA using only professional grade materials.

Configured in the "Hangman's Knot" with 13 missile doors open and one empty silo representing the 13 original colonies and number of knots on a hangman's noose. Considered the only configuration before total release.

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Enhanced with exterior detailing including air brushed highlights including water reflections and weathering. Enhanced open torpedo bay doors and accurate missile hatches. We use brass propellers, drive shafts and brass or stainless pedestals.

Great topside details are shown here on our

1/200th scale

USS Alabama model with all but one hatch closed.


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Each model is mounted on a natural wood base. Our standard case is made of Red Oak and finished in numerous coats of hand rubbed fine Danish oils.

A protective flame polished clear acrylic cover and custom engraved brass nameplate are included for a top quality professional finish.

This is an example of a stained cherry case finished in numerous coats of high gloss lacquer.

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From the bow flies a bright red "Don't Tread On Me" rattlesnake flag, flown only during war times.

Old Glory proudly displays her colors flying from the USS Alabama's stern.

Originally commissioned by a submariner with first hand experience serving aboard this great vessel based at Bangor, our details are exacting.

An ideal work of art for any Navy submarine or military models enthusiast.

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1/200th Scale:

40" long x 7" deep x 9" tall

1/350th Scale:

23" long x 6" deep x 7" tall

Approximate Encased Sizes

Additional Sizes & Configurations Available


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Optional Upgrades & Construction Details

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Missile Launches, Torpedo Firings, Opening Hatches, Support Aircraft, Exotic Case Woods and more

Available in the following Trident I C-4 and Trident II D-5 configurations as either SSBN or SSGN
USS Ohio 726   USS Tennessee 734
USS Ohio 726 SSGN    USS Pennsylvania 735
USS Michigan 727  USS West Virginia 736
USS Michigan 727 SSGN  USS Kentucky 737
USS Florida 728  USS Maryland 738
USS Georgia 729  USS Nebraska 739
USS Henry M. Jackson 730  USS Rhode Island 740
USS Alabama 731  USS Maine 741
USS Alaska 732  USS Wyoming 742
USS Nevada 733    USS Louisiana 743

Beyond Museum Quality.

Internationally recognized, award winning, professionally certified Master Model Builders offering one-of-a-kind custom built models from kit embellished to full scratch builds.

Raven Arts, offering simply the finest in the world since 1989.

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The Ship Model Masters of Raven Arts in Washington State are the nation's premier custom model ship building service located just West of Seattle, WA

Custom built ship models such as this USS Alabama SSBN 731 Ohio Class Trident II Ballistic Nuclear Submarine are built by professional Master Model Builders with more than 40 years experience. Each one is a custom work of fine art built by hand in the USA.

Available in a multitude of sizes and configurations.


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