Daisy Whirligigs

Whirligigs and wind toys that bring a smile to every face!

This enjoyably beautiful Field of Dancing Daisies spin their bright white heads around in the gentlest of breezes. The vibrant yellow daisy centers glow like the sun in the lowest of light.

Emerald green, slender leaves bounce in all directions with a hint of wind as though they're waving hello as you walk by them.

Self mounting with pointed end at bottom of stem for easy insertion into a plant pot or directly into the ground planted to the height you want.

We use only the best paints so that all those bright beautiful colors will stay that way without fading.

See the Whirlies Gallery page for specific information on the top quality materials used and general information.



10" Daisy Head

40" +or-Tall with Stem


plus shipping and handling

Custom designs, like these brightly colored Dancing Daisies, are our specialty.

Originally created for Avi Adler Studio's Daisy Field production for the Robin Hood Foundation Charity Event in New York City, 2004.

The inside display included more than 400 daisies with baby bumble bees intermixed and butterfly fliers gently flapping their wings above. All kinetic movement was achieved through hidden fans under the grassy garden.


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The best made whirligigs, whirlygigs and wind toys anywhere around. Garden art made to last a lifetime and longer. Each one is hand made in the USA by American Artists.

Raven Arts, where originality and quality make the difference between craft and Art.


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