WOW!  Great Wind Toy

A truly unique creation!

This was a custom order for one of our collectors who is a diehard Hitchcock fan.

His favorite movie is "North By Northwest". His favorite scene in that movie is of course the bi-plane chasing after Cary Grant.
This our whirligig interpretation of that scene.

The sky blue propeller blades located on top spin with a gentle breeze. This creates a rotation around the center cornfield. The bi-plane has a spinning propeller

The pilot is aptly named "Captain Rob", for his inspiration on this creation.

He's painted in a leather jacket and helmet with goggles and a white scarf.

We even matched the plane's tail number!

We of course had to have a dashing dark haired, brown eyed Cary Grant figure in a suit of gray. This guy, as in the movie, is full of action.

Cary is set upright on a swinging balance lever so that he "walks" back and forth with just a little effort from the wind. He's mounted on brass rod.

Notice the little trip lever at his left foot.

When the plane flies overhead it hits a small black rubber cork which knocks down Cary, face forward. The trip lever prevents him from spinning around the road so it appears as though he has fallen.

The true art is all in the details.

Notice the highway marker, #4, is the same highway as in the movie.

Cary Grant is brought back to his upright position, after the plane has flown over, by this balance lever using brass rods and weights.

We chose to add our little tribute to Hitchcock right here in a prominent position.

For additional authenticity we included a cornfield which is painted against a blue sky in the center.

We have a blacktop highway complete with white center line striping. At the ends of the highway are wind vane directional symbols, a red point on one side and a red tail on the other. The highway intersects with a dirt road.

We wanted to include the movie title in this piece. We chose to do so by adding the "N" onto the highway and "NW onto the dirt road.

Thus creating and completing "North by Northwest".
This is truly an original work of art for any garden!

A custom copper post is included for easy installation. We suggest mounting this post in cement.

Fully assembled without post: 33" tall x 46" circumference.

See the Whirlies Gallery page for specific information on the top quality materials used and general information. This model requires a special mounting post which is included in the pricing. 


Plus shipping and handling, some assembly required.