Children's Hospital Wind Toy

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Laughter is the medicine this wind toy is prescribing for kids. Visit the Spin Doctor for a quick dose of high energy fun in the sun!

This three dimensional work of garden art really comes to life with 15 different brightly colored details all moving with a gentle breeze. The life and laughter generated from all this incredible movement in a wind toy will bring hours of joy to all who watch.

There's something to capture every youngster's attention, regardless of age.

A custom design for the center courtyard of a Canadian Children's Hospital. Created to bring a smile to the faces of recovering kids.

This big chocolate colored moose stands at a child's height, three feet tall. Just the right size to meet and greet young children and look them in the eye.

His ears are mounted on spring steel so they dance around in the wind as he listens for the laughter he inspires.

Having a great time entertaining teddy bears, as is noted by his big happy grin.

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Kids really love his bright yellow high tops with red laces which conceal a stake that secures his feet firmly to the ground.

Also available with larger feet for interior display.

Two cute teddy bears with brightly colored twirling beanie caps are climbing up the legs of the moose. One with eyes of blue, the other with green eyes and a mischievous grin.

Their floppy ears are quite amusing to watch. Mounted on spring steel to create more action with a breeze.

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A beautifully elaborate carousel is held in one hand. Five small teddy bears riding white horses spin freely round in the wind. Golden poles and center spindle glisten in the sunlight.

The shiny brass flags fly above to catch the wind while a bright white center propeller spins independently within the middle of the top.

For security purposes, the carousel is attached in place with three brass screws during assembly so it cannot be easily removed from the full wind toy.

As with all our whirligigs, all mechanical parts are made of brass, zinc or stainless steel so they will never rust. This ensures years of maintenance free motion.

The spinning action of the carousel is so gentle that a small child cannot be hurt from its movement. If touched, it will simply stop spinning without force.

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One red and one blue bird fly above the moose antlers with wings spinning. Singing a happy little song along their way.

Mounted on spring steel they also bounce in the wind as they spin their wings around.

We believe a wind toy should be exciting and enjoyed from all sides. Even the back is three dimensional and decoratively painted.

The moose tail has bright white tips to really stand out as it spins around.

An amusingly animated work of art that will bring a smile to many young faces.

A perfect greeter for any doctor's office specializing in a welcoming environment for children.

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36" tall x 24" wide x 10" deep

See the Whirlies Gallery page for specific information on the top quality materials used and general information.


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The best made whirligigs, whirlygigs and wind toys anywhere around. Custom designs are our specialty. Like this Spin Doctor Moose with Teddy Bears and a Teddy Bear Carousel designed for a children's hospital. Garden art made to last a lifetime and longer. Each one is hand made in the USA by American Artists.

Raven Arts, where originality, attention to detail and quality make the difference between craft and art.
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